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So what is a PC-centric, strategy-focused action game supposed to do to stay current and profitable, besides merely getting released on multiple platforms? No thanks Submit review. This is useful while sneaking, but it feels almost like cheating when you're running and gunning, since you'll always know when there's an enemy around the next corner. Call of Duty 4 Fast-paced, modern warfare. Anyone a rank below you will ignore you unless you stand right in front of them for several seconds.

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Except for one sniper mission where, commandos strike force pc of a sudden, you can't grab anyone's rifle, save for a single scoped rifle tucked away in the corner of the map. Of the small numbers of people that were playing Commandos Strike Force online, next to no one seemed to be bothering to try to get a grip on this team-based mode. Deadfire 88 Monster Hunter: Since the game commandos strike force pc our selection of software and apps init has reacheddownloads, and last week it gained downloads.

Commandos Strike Force Review

The Commandos Strike Force is at the vanguard of the Allies fight back, employing unconventional and irregular methods to disable the enemy. In the most fearsome war ever fought, emerged the most fearless soldiers — the Commandos. Playable modes include the typical deathmatch and team deathmatch, as well as dtrike mode commandos strike force pc sabotage, in which spies may attempt to interrogate fallen commandos strike force pc for a code to sabotage the enemy base.

I recently asked a lead programmer at Blizzard why games keep requiring larger and larger development teams, larger budgets, and longer creation time, and he said it was because the industry was obsessed with topping itself. Methodical, enjoyable comandos not too taxing firce a dynamic or as graphicly challenging as some of the lastest ww2 fps yet has a charm of its own.

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It's available for users with the operating system Windows and previous versions, and it is available in different languages such as English, Spanish, and German. The next campaign takes commandos strike force pc commandos to Norway, where they fight their way through a port town and several guard posts down a river, so that Brown can infiltrate a heavy water plant.

Strike Force Cover art. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.

Strike Force does have some unusual ideas that it commandis to the war first person shooter, such as peeking through keyholes and sneaking around strangling Nazis while dressed as one of them, but it's simply not enough to earn it commandos strike force pc promotion through the ranks, not with so many great shooters out there. View Regions Hide Regions. This game is currently in Early Access.

See all 10 User Reviews. Not the very best of the genre A silent and deadly change from the usual WW2 percussion. Overall, however, I was pleasantly commandos strike force pc to see that the spirit of the old games somehow managed to live on in the FPS iteration.

Commandos: Strike Force

The result was some tense, open-ended, and highly challenging scenarios. The enemies short attention span makes things a little too easy, yet someone a rank above you will commandos strike force pc that you're an enemy immediatelywhich is usually bad news and doesn't make a whole lot of sense unless you're strikke an isolated location where the enemy should know what all their people look like. Vice City Do you want to be the boss of Vice City?

Also, if you hide for long enough, the guards will eventually forget about you, despite the fact that you've killed someone who had been standing right next to them. Enter into battle alone, or with your friends online. This also creates a chokepoint where only a certain threshold of money will push you through and keep the gamer's attention. The Commandos series dates back tocommandos strike force pc it was always a whole lot easier to like than it was to describe. Commandos strike force pc Force PC ".

As a result, both critics and fans felt it did little to distance itself srike the recent flood of similar games. Retrieved from " https: Log in to finish rating Commandos Strike Force. Strike Force Since the game joined our selection of software and apps init has reacheddownloads, and last week it gained downloads.

A-Z Index Best Games of These guys combine some of the abilities of the other Commandos characters. However, the game loses its predecessors' sense of you having to coordinate a complex invasion.

Commandos Strike Force isn't particularly successful at telling you a compelling story, either, though it seems to try.

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