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Most helpful Most positive Most critical Most recent. Please rate it below on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest score. You will receive the machine gun, 99 ammo and 99 grenades. While circling over the city you're shot down by hostile forces and forced to crash land on the streets of Metro.

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Retrieved from " https: Apart from the engine and music, all in-game content was created by the game's designer, Jim Norwood.

Bio Menace

Bio menace game released the game as freeware on December 23, as a "Christmas present" and the full game can be downloaded from the Apogee website. Sign in Sign in Create account Sign in. Hand-picking the best in gaming. Views Read Edit View history. Intelligence reports indicate that a man calling himself Dr.

More info on cookies. To obtain one he must either rescue a hostage, or kill boss monster. Keep this in mind while writing your review:. You can play Bio Menace on this website so you don't need to download and install the game bio menace game your computer.

Sales of the game were discontinued in due to problems with more modern operating systems. None bio menace game the verified owners have rated this game. Most helpful Most positive Most critical Most recent. Not sure what to write? To get mejace support for your game contact our support team. You will bio menace game to battle your way through many levels packed with evil mutants and robotic guards to finally infiltrate Mangle's fortress and defeat him.

An arsenal weapons at your disposal - plus four secret weapons and maneuvers. Along the way, you will find several different weapons, special bonuses, big boss creatures and secret areas. Sign in Create account Sign in. It was menqce for release in November 15, but due to re-configuring the engine that was used in Commander Keen in Goodbye, Galaxyit took two years to develop.

Delivering user-friendly support enriched with additional customer benefits. Bio Menace Box art. The episodes are "Dr. It is likely that this decision was made due to the results of an earlier poll on the 3D Realms forums, where visitors could pick a game they would bio menace game to bio menace game released as freeware from a list of discontinued Apogee games. You will travel across the world, rescuing hostages, defeating monsters and bioo of vile henchmen.

Join top CIA tough guy, Snake Logan as he battles for his bko against ferocious monsters created by an evil and twisted mastermind. Now available for purchase Bbio invite accepted.

Play, chat, and share experiences with your friends on GOG. The game has three episodes, the first of which was released as shareware, the rest being available commercially. bio menace game

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MobyGames Wikipedia Part bio menace game group: Fantastically-animated creatures to kill, menacing robotic enemies to outwit and big boss creatures to battle! Hold the up arrow until you hear a charge sound, then press the down arrow key.

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