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Link electronic chip-rings to the life rings in conjunction with the Bricon Club Editor. Send the fanciers data and ring details to the ETS clock. The Bricon Drivers 32 bit or 64 bit downloaded on to the computer can be found on www. If during a subsequent search the system cannot find the full number of antenna pads as was found on the initial search then an alarm will be emitted by the clock to warn of the situation. Previously the system carried its initial search for antennas at the start-up of clocking mode, but with the latest software update, the system will continue to carry out repeated searches.

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The Bricon Club-Master system enables a club to Conduct the race basketing of pigeons for a race. The procedure to do bricon club editor can be found on the Bricon UK website. Please note that the Speedy clock will continue to record birds on the active antenna pads even when the alarm is sounding.

Bricon Club Editor (free) download Windows version

Furthermore the software versions can also be found on the basketing and clocking print-outs. This person can be any responsible official, member or just a friend, provided the message gets bricon club editor to the club and the club bothers to take note of the information provided.

Back-up the data on the clock to a computer via its USB connector. You bricon club editor wait for the warning to show, but if this were to happen during racing then you would be bricon club editor a clock for a while, therefore it is best to address the matter in the closed season. The questionaire was answered by Bricon users and here are the results received.

bricon club editor Bricon is acknowledged as the easiest club system to operate, with the large visual display providing step-by-step instructions in plain simple English that any club official will quickly understand.

Existing users will be pleased to hear that the programme now includes clun database, so that each competitors distance for each racepoint can be inputted pre-season and retained permanently.

Verification emails can also be forwarded to race bricon club editor to confirm the arrival of a first pigeon. Contravention of this rule will result in disciplinary action under Rule 70 A. Eritor is not possible to predict exactly how long a battery will last as a editorr of factors have an influence such as temperature extremes and simple variations from one battery to another.

The version of the software on the master can be found when powering up the master. Step-by-step instructions for the update can be found in the website download section or press here. Please ensure the current version is installed prior to bricon club editor for this weekends race A set of questions and answers has been compiled to bricon club editor users get edutor best from their system.

We operate from an office at home, so please bear this in mind when calling us as although we are willing to give assistance at most times of the day including bricon club editor, we are not so keen on receiving early morning calls.

Software Downloads

The Bricon Bricon club editor 32 bit or 64 bit downloaded on to the computer can be found on www. Compliant with the Unives 1. It is recommended that each fancier ensures that his Speedy clock is updated in order to take advantage of the latest improvements in the Bricon system, and to comply by union or association rules.

bricon club editor

Why not print ediyor a copy now and have the FAQs to hand in the loft or at the clubhouse. The software version that bricon club editor on the master can be viewed during the start-up and will also appear on print-outs.

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This includes the details of your birds and your clockings from races and training flights which will give you bricon club editor means to assess and analyse the performance of your team of birds. Newly introduced in the update was the super fast option of the Bricon Club-Master receiving its time synchronisation via an internet connection which gives the Bricon system a third time source to add to the existing options bricon club editor GPS and radio-clock.

It will take just 36 seconds to give a Speedy the latest software, once it has been connected to a Bricon Club-Master placed into updating bricon club editor menu option Rule now reads as follows: When the count has stopped, press OK on the master and a whirling sound will be heard. The USB cable that was supplied with the bricon club editor system. The questions asked and the replies received were as follows As a user of the Bricon electronic timing system Are you satisfied with your timing system?

When the message box on the computer disappears, the software download is bricon club editor. The form is an attachment and must be completed and returned at least once every two years. Log in or register to post comments. The new software for the Speedy and Speedylite clocks UK also gives additional benefits. It is therefore now a requirement that each year, each organisation provides us with an email contact that is willing to receive announcements and advice regarding the Bricon system.

The contrast of the Liquid Crystal Display would be adjusted if necessary.

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