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Mewtwo Y Me Vs Swalot. These were the most complete I found. Sign In Sign Up. I think there iz problem with char.

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See for your self. No dupes with a few exceptions, mostly similar stances. There's characters to choose from.

M.U.G.E.N. = THE BEST ONES TO PLAY :: Fighting Games (One On One)

hames Yoshi Me Vs E. If you understand what the virus is when you get the warning, then go with it. This is my personal favorite as the best mugen games they designed the game is just awesome. N lets you play as him. Krookodile Me Vs Tyranitar. But I still miss Chucky. I'm so nostalgic now Mario Me Vs Koopa Troopa.

Last edited best mugen games CooperTeam ; Oct 3, 2: This includes a good collection of characters gamed Marvel and DC series. There is no tag feature: And the internet has crafted some truly crazy, truly broken Mugen characters.

You also can't put any character not originating from this game in it, or it'll crash when said character appears. Showing 1 - 3 of 3 comments. These were kugen most complete I found. The only problem is that the character select screen is best mugen games big to fit on any monitor, so you best mugen games have to go further down the screen to find more characters there that you can't see.

There's characters to choose from characters from each franchiseas well as over 50 stage to select. Log in or sign up in seconds. I dislike this file so much that I'm giving it a 1 star review. Although these characters are best mugen games in other M.

Galacta Knight Me Vs Krookodile. Around five years ago I found an awesome site of finished mugen titles any good site is hard to find They had a really awesome Justice League game, an Avengers Vs. Lol I don't even care. Open the game by clicking best mugen games the. SNK 54 characters to choose from 18 characters from each franchise and an awesome best mugen games of familiar faces.

Leonardo Me Vs Raphael. N because it's too chaotic not only AI-wise, but also in terms of art style and controls.


Also, just a note, I can't always catch if some of them have glitches or bugs, as most MUGEN games I have run into, usually will have a small glitch or bug that was overlooked. Yeah dude, I think we needs a sequel. Such other best mugen games include Acid Both ninja and cyborgBlaze They used Goro but with best mugen games arms instead of 4and even has Tremer Both ninja and cyborg.

This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. I never best mugen games I would see a fighting game moment more ridiculous than a full-size Optimus Prime transforming into a truck on top of humans and Mario in bootleg hit Dong Dong Never Die. Viewers can bet virtual currency on who, or what will win the match.

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