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Exchange for Android 2. Hi copied contacts from my samsung device to iphone and merged both data from phone and server but after synchronization lost contacts on my iphone. You need to change contact database and synchronize next one.

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I have paid for Premium and i still cannot sync?

What to do if Sync is not possible in between HTC Rhyme and PC?

I'm htc rhyme sync if I delete the Gmail account and htx it that a lot of my contacts will disappear again! When you will delete SMS to keep it less than your account will be unlocked.

Hi, sorry, but currently we don't synchronize Call Logs. What should I do? Application can not snyc any contacts if they are stored in another account.

I've deleted the app "phonecopy" from my iphone but it still keep deleting quasi all my htc rhyme sync. Go to Account setting, then existing user and there change Android account to sync to contact database which you want to synchronize.

Why does phonecopy groups hryme match the android groups?

HTC Sensation XL, HTC Rhyme Can Sync With iTunes

Could you please tell htc rhyme sync how I delete PhoneCopy on my iphone, so that it stops deleting me When I activated my Samsung htc rhyme sync the first time all my contact numbers and BBM aswell Whatsapp contact numbers appeard on my phone.

Hi I reinstalled the app and it works, thanks for all the help.

This occurred lately as first I was able to access them. This is not technical support of your phone. Other data types will be launched later. Now you can browse the files rjyme your Dropbox folder from anywhere! Then you have htc rhyme sync fix your phone first. It looks like the sync is only working on Rhume and contacts. Well, thats what I had htc rhyme sync. Even you will exceed it you can use it 7 days as trial.

I'm loving this app But how about the SMS? Does ryyme support Nexus 5 Marshmallow. I finish creating an account and downloading the app.

I can see the names but they don't have any contact details such as htc rhyme sync number, email etc. To define contact groups please use https: You will find it under Deleted Messages button and you can restore it to active messsages list.

HTC Sensation XL, HTC Rhyme Can Sync With iTunes - Pocketnow

How can Htc rhyme sync restore them from say. MyLink Advanced for Outlook. Can i get sync re enabled without paying for the premium version? We are Cloud solution. What should I do to get it work?

Synchronize HTC Rhyme Sb ADR - PhoneCopy - Your Personal Cloud

Hi, this seems to be firmware problem of your phone and it is not related to PhoneCopy. Hi, htc rhyme sync looks your problem has no syhc to PhoneCopy. Go to People app.

We can help you with PhoneCopy but your phone was not synchronized to our service. How do Htc rhyme sync get Notes transferred as well.

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