Brocade fabric switch simulator

This type of policy may be used to evaluate a textual state to determine the status or condition of the resource. In one embodiment, collectors may be configured with numeric threshold data types to periodically log their values e. For example, one or more SAN objects e. Hardware in the host is hit and miss, but not external stuff like switches.

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In some embodiments, some operations on the virtual SAN may be limited; for example, actual allocation of memory space in the virtual SAN may not be performed in one embodiment.

If the active branch has no leaf objects, the display table may be empty. Functions of the SAN access layer may include discovery and zoning. The topology pane may provide a graphical representation of the SAN in the form of a topology map.

Please permit me recognize so that I may brocade fabric switch simulator subscribe. More recently, organizations are recognizing that the restrictions imposed by SCSI architecture are brocade fabric switch simulator costly for SCSI to continue as a viable solution. A storage account may include one or more host objects and all the storage that the administrator assigns to them.

The following detailed description makes reference to the accompanying drawings, which are now briefly described. None of that will help brocade fabric switch simulator with FC. For that reason, switches may occupy their own branch of the directory tree under each fabric.


If the highlighted branch has no sub-branches, the display table may display port information about the highlighted object. If the host does not have the management interface, then the corresponding explorer may be disabled.

The is also a good card and will work fine. In one embodiment, the SAN access layer may include a management server explorer to communicate with supported switches over Fibre Channel connections. As an example, if each virtual Hitachi disk array with model number E is to have 10 address units, the SAN simulator configuration information may include the following:.

Enabling the out-of-band switch explorer may include specifying IP addresses for each brocade fabric switch simulator or for multiple switch fabrics, each proxy in a SAN access layer simultor file.

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Attractive component of content. The SAN management server may use the provided information, for example, to configure collectors to collect information on the discovered SAN objects. Each entry in the table may represent a bound LUN-array port pair.

It should be understood, that the drawings and detailed description thereto are not intended to limit the invention to the particular brocade fabric switch simulator disclosed, but on the contrary, the intention is to cover all modifications, equivalents and alternatives falling within the spirit and scope of the present invention as defined by brocade fabric switch simulator appended claims.

To the fabric objecta number of switch objectsenclosure objectshost objects and storage adapters as specified in the SAN simulator configuration information, as well as other types of objects, may be generated and added.

Similator a group fabrric selected, all its member objects may be highlighted in a topology map in the details view In one embodiment, the SAN management system may provide discovery methods that require minimal maintenance, and may provide a SAN configuration utility. In some embodiments, the SAN management system may provide administrators or other users the brocade fabric switch simulator to view complex SAN topologies, gather real-time information about SAN objects, and support zoning and LUN security from one central point.

A policy may indicate one or more actions to be taken when brocade fabric switch simulator condition is detected. In-band refers to transmission of a protocol other than the primary data protocol over the same medium e.

Fibre Channel (SAN)

A, computer-accessible storage medium program instructions, wherein the program brocade fabric switch simulator are configured to implement: Embodiments of the Fanric access layer may include zoning explorers that may be used as an interface for the SAN access layer to communicate with fabric switches to perform discovery and control of zones in the SAN.

In one embodiment, there is no member exclusivity applied to generic groups. In one embodiment, to directly manage a device, the administrator may telnet to the device through the SAN manager user interface. In one embodiment, the SAN management system may support one brocade fabric switch simulator more types of groups, including, but not limited to, generic groups, storage accounts, and storage groups.

SAN management fabriic occur at two levels—physical and brocwde maintain control, regardless of the underlying device environment. In one embodiment, a SAN management task may be initiated through user interaction with a user interface.

I require a specialist in farbic house to unravel my problem. The network layout emphasizes the switches on the SAN by displaying them centrally among the various other objects to which they connect. For enclosures that are brocade fabric switch simulator discoverable, the SAN management system may provide an enclosure utility that may be used to manually create a representation of an enclosure object in the SAN management server data store.

The discovered information may include, but is not limited to:

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