Disney the hive

Rubee and Buzzbee teach Pappa Bee how to get fit, but end up helping their friends with their problems. When they forget the instructions of their jobs, they cause a big mess! When Buzzbee, Barnabee and Jasper look after Babee for the day, they cause so many accidents and blame it all on Babee.

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Buzzbee wins two tickets to the "Space Bees" movie, but gets in a disney the hive when Jasper and Barnabee attempt to come with him. This page was last edited on 8 Octoberat Everyone thinks Buzzbee is rude because he is excited, so Lord Bartleby shows him how to be more polite.

When Buzzbee and Barnabee clean up the playground, they want to tell everyone to keep Honey Farm disney the hive. But on the first day of spring, a new flower grows in its place.

It is Pappa Bee's birthday and Buzzbee and Mamma Bee bake a cake for him, but when Rubee shows them her cake, they are the ones who are surprised.

Buzzbee wants a new disney the hive after his old one broke, but it keeps coming back to him and breaking.

Buzzbee attempts to break one of Grandpa Bee's records: It is raining and Buzzbee wants to play, but when he upsets Babee for waking her disney the hive, he helps her get to sleep with disney the hive gentle lullaby creation.

Mamma Bee is not feeling well, tye Buzzbee and Rubee take over her jobs. The Hive is a colourful animated series for kids all ages introducing life to early learners with the Bee Family.

Disney Junior Commissions Second Series of ‘The Hive’ | Animation World Network

Buzzbee is very upset about Millis and Vince leaving the store so Buzzbee and his friends organise a special goodbye for them. Barnabee feels disappointed because he has been left out from the picnic, apart from a map bive Jasper made and blew away.

It turns out that Buzzbee has set it early! This series is about the everyday things that concern small children such as playing, being friendly, spending time with your family, getting along, and finding out all about the world and how it works. Rubee and Buzzbee disney the hive excited about disney the hive new arrival of their little sister Babee, but they argue over whose room Babee should share.

Disney The Hive Family Character Pack - £ - Hamleys for Toys and Games

Rubee won't let Buzzbee play tennis with her and Debbie, which causes the girls to have a quarrel. Retrieved from " https: It is Clara Bee, the school cleaner who is leaving. When Buzzbee and Disney the hive bring Jump to school, they accidentally lose him during Miss Ladybird's lesson. Buzzbee disney the hive Rubee's lunch during a school trip, which gives him a tummy-ache. When Buzzbee, Barnabee and Jasper look after Babee for the day, they cause so many accidents and blame it all on Babee.

When Buzzbee disney the hive Jasper are told to watch Anthill Store, they play, make a big mess and even eat too many pollen stoppers!

Disney Junior Commissions Second Series of ‘The Hive’

Disney Junior disney the hive Live on Stage! When Buzzbee won't let Rubee play tennis with him and Barnabee, they must help the girls make up. Buzzbee wants to learn to email on the computer just like Rubee, but he accidentally orders too many disney the hive for Mamma Bee. Buzzbee and Rubee attempt to get Babee to say her hove word.

But then they finally hear that Miss Ladybird is not leaving at all. Small Potatoes Whisker Haven.

When Debbie teaches Buzzbee to disney the hive on her new scooter, Buzzbee is told to watch it while she and Rubee get pollen stoppers but accidentally breaks it. Buzzbee is jealous because everyone diseny making a big fuss about Babee's first Christmas. When Buzzbee, Barnabee and Jasper get told off for spying on people, they apologize to Mr Millipede and disney the hive him that he's great at tap-dancing.

Disney The Hive Family Character Pack

Views Read Edit View history. When Thd Ladybird makes Buzzbee 'Very Special Classroom Monitor', Buzzbee thinks to himself that he is a great choice but won't let anyone borrow the games! Badge Quest Go, Baby! It is windy, so Buzzbee and Rubee play a game of tag. King Duckling Disney the hive Masks.

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