18 wos haulin map editor

You got now the perfect driver, he can stay up for days or weeks and keeps driving. Only choose one and download it. Re-entered edit and is on original map, it is as if not reading new map. Then drop the SCS-files in:

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Moved Back ups to different folder and then Zipped Map folder with Winzip 5. However when you try to delete map. Placed in mods folder 7.

Started game as administrator Checked permissions for C: Only choose one and download it. Author Post time Subject Direction: Unanswered topics Active topics. Read forum rules here.

How do I enter it, and edit hauliin map? Search for such file: I have a shortcut on my Task-bar, because it almost opens every file. U must familiarise yourself with the engine you have in your truck so you can recognize it on the page.

Therein, the file "europe. When you want truck mods, trailer mods, map mods, skin mods and other mods for 18 WoS Haulin, go to this link: Have zipped base complete with Map folder and Def Original game save.

In-Game Map Editor Help

Who is online Users browsing this forum: Now — the police car is amp, no more fines and very important, no cars on the emergency lane later more why. Removed dead end on road in Hamburg for tests Change the values of the following lines:.

Any help gratefully recieved. Saved profile beforer first job. But that is not your problem now.

Than open the file the same way like the first file with Notepad. More Horse Power And torque: Opened Map editor 3. High speed fastes ever: I have removed all Mods, Removed all Profiles, created new profile and saved as in the Video. Edit Profile and select your mod.

If you already wps some games, than go to the last and highest number and open the folder. Saved and quit game.

In-Game Map Editor Help | Mods 4 Ever

Eritor posts 1 18 wos haulin map editor 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: Just stop at any fuel pump, after refilling is complete just save the game and reload it, then simply pull away. Please can anyone help. Here some other tips: Start a game, shortly after starting the game save, close and exit the game.

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