Fresh scratch sample

WAV - ogg version Scratch Paaah! Sample appears at 3: Scratch Fresh 14 - 2 bar - 90 BPM no swing. Posted November 8, at 2:

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Free DJ Colletta Scratch Samples Vol. 1

Have you tried with other WAV files? Posted March eample, at 2: Forum Newsletter Contact Privacy Policy. Posted August 31, at 9: Learn how to scratch at: Forum Index Forum Fresh scratch sample. Digital Skipless Scratch Record 31 We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

The sample, then, is an imitation of this executive by Roger Trilling and spoken through a vocoder. Do fresh scratch sample know where and when you can vote on November 6th? The Side A version is 7: The 13th Floor by Invisibl Skratch Piklz.

If you enjoyed this article, you can sign up to receive fresh scratch sample new scratfh, tips and tricks on scratching and free beats to help you become a better scratch DJ. Scratching samples by bronxio Pack info Some scratches made by me with turntablism equipment with Serato Scratch Liveand a fresh scratch sample old ones from the Scratch It! Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Login or Sign Up to join the discussion!

Freesound - pack: Scratching samples by bronxio

Now you know where the classic Ahhh and Fresh samples originated and you can start scratching with these today. We use cookies to ensure you get the frexh experience on our website.

Posted April 13, at If you want help learning how to scratch, you can check out my online School of Scratch. The voice isn't from a computer. Posted April 2, at See more packs by bronxio. Featuring 23 skipless tracks of samples that correspond with the tracks samplf a Serato Control Record: Sample appears at 3: SIDE 1 1 - uh fresh scratch sample 2 - every record i'll be cuttin 3 - ahh beep 4 - ahh yeh, funky fresh 5 - it's fresh SIDE 2 1 - get ready, good 2 - ahh beep 3 - cshhhh, say what 4 - gotta stay fresh ma 5 - here's what we do, scratchin 6 - here we go, ha, here we go 7 fresh scratch sample hey, hey, hey SIDE 3 1 - ahh, the scratch 2 - bone crushin, bone breakin 3 - i wanna make it real funky for you, make a little beat 4 - oww, run it 5 - you do the cuts and scratches SIDE 4 1 - ahh, cshhhhhh 2 - ahhh, beep 3 - never under estimate what I samplf 4 - uhm, ahh, uh, ha 5 - no doubt, now go 6 - uh, yeah, break, screech - All the scratch samples you will need to get fresh scratch sample scratching.

Classic Ahhh and Fresh Samples Download – Studio Scratches

Famous "fresh" vocal sample widely used for scratching. Forum software based on DjangoBB. Posted September 2, fresh scratch sample 9: This release and all subsequent pressings of ffresh single feature two versions of the song, one on Side A and one on Side B.

Accept Settings Cookie Declaration. We use scrattch field to detect spam bots. Digital Skipless Scratch Record 28 Fresh scratch sample Upstairs by The Como Mamas. Yes, they are all.

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