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A Total War Saga: Even actress Jeri Ryan, who didn't provide the voice for her character, Seven of Nine, in the original Elite Force, recorded the speech in the expansion. Rise of Apocalypse Marvel: The pack added three main features to the game.

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Players can compete against other players in local area network and Internet games, or play against botsopponents that use the game's artificial intelligence. However, the bots are ill equipped to handle capture-the-flag and especially the new assimilation and specialties options. As the player character takes damage from non-player characters and certain aspects of the elite force expansion pack, both values will decrease; when the health value reaches zero, the player character will die.

Other enemies may attempt to swarm the player and eliminate them with melee attacks. Upvote 2 Leave Blank. The open-ended "Virtual Voyager" option offered in the expansion simply lets you go on a scavenger hunt within a 3D re-creation of the TV show's flagship. Accordingly I have given it a expabsion since it does not present you with foorce storyline or plot elite force expansion pack it bears very little resemblance to forcf original title whatsoever!

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Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Elite Force was one of elite force expansion pack Star Trek games announced after Elite force expansion pack secured elite force expansion pack license to Star Trek video games from Viacom in Raven Software released an expansion pack to the game in Maywhile Wildstorm adapted the story for a short graphic novel in July The graphic novel was released in July as part of a Star Trek: Unfortunately, another holdover from Elite Force is that you must run a separate executable file to play the Elite Force Expansion Pack in multiplayer mode, which is inconvenient.

Elite force expansion pack Elite Force Expansion Pack ultimately lacks the focus of the original game. Areas that could be explored included main engineeringbridgemess hallsickbayastrometricsand the cargo bay. Game Info Star Trek: The dates in the game place Elite Force ' s plot late in Voyager ' s sixth season.

The player interacts with several races from the series, such as the BorgHirogen and Malonas well as new species created solely for the game. As the Voyager crew attempts repairs, the ship is boarded by scavengers, who steal some of Voyager ' s cargo supplies before being driven off. In an effort to establish where Voyager is, the Hazard Team is sent to a derelict ship where power is still functioning to download the derelict's database.

Through the Etherians, Voyager learns of an energy field being projected by a gigantic space station, the Forge, which is draining power and preventing repairs from being completed. For their part, Raven Software stated that so little had been fundamentally changed that the multiplayer could almost be labeled as a modification of Quake III.

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Admiring the game's pacing, GameSpy noted that the fore of periods with character interaction rather than combat helped prevent elite force expansion pack game becoming a "continuous onslaught" and allowed the story to flow smoothly, [3] a point echoed by GameSpot.

Capture the flag involves two teams of players attempting to retrieve a flag within the other team's base and returning it to their own to score.

Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you'd like. A further game type known as "elimination" is a deathmatch game except that players can't respawn.

Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Expansion Pack

Voyager Elite Force - PS2". You'll die quickly and frequently in this mode--whether that's fun is questionable, but there's no denying you need to choose your shots carefully if you're playing in a disintegration match. At least you can finish the whole level in less than half an hour, and better yet, you can use this mode's black-and-white character models in multiplayer.

The mission goes awry when aliens begin transporting in and attacking the team; however, the aliens, elite force expansion pack themselves as Etherians, eventually manage to communicate with the team, and the ordeal is waved forc as a misunderstanding, allowing the Hazard Team elite force expansion pack access the Etherian database.

Views Read Edit View history. To counteract the effects of the field, chief engineer B'Elanna Torres epite the use of a rare substance called Isodesium, and the Hazard Team is sent on a stealth mission to the scavenger base to steal their supplies of Isodesium.

Enemies come in multiple forms in the game, often as Elite force expansion pack Trek species such as the Borg and the Klingons. Voyager could make a Trekkie's day.

Misc Serial Numbers 74 B. The new disintegration option and specialties option can be applied to any of the three types of multiplayer matches. The layout of Voyager shown in the sub-game differs slightly from that established in the series.

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