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The message lets the user know how big their selected mapset is and how much room the destination device has, so that the user will have an easier time determining how many maps must be removed from the current set in order for the new set to fit. Improved undo functionality such that if nothing is available to be undone then the document does not need to be saved. Added an improved description of the removable media devices that show up in the list of devices that are automatically detected. Fixed several other routing issues. Address and phone number fields have also been added for certain Garmin units and are not supported by MapSource.

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Fixed an issue sending maps garmin mapsource worldmap units on Asian language computers. Fixed a drawing artifact that could be caused when displaying a context menu over user data. Improved speed of 'finalizing' step when transferring data to SD cards. Fixed 'Find Places' dialog to correctly handle states that occur in mapsuorce countries.

Garmin MapSource WorldMap v4 CD-ROM

Added a transfer preference to specify if and which serial ports should garmin mapsource worldmap searched garmin mapsource worldmap Garmin devices. Fixed transfer from and to Garmin Mobile PC devices.

Fixed issue with searches using states or countries that have names in multiple languages. Fixed an issue with saving as gpx wordlmap dxf in the Dutch localization.

Added continuous-world scrolling to allow a smooth map transition at the anti-meridian. Changed transfer to GPS code to strictly enforce Garmin-defined waypoint specifications.

Garmin MapSource WorldMap v4 CD-ROM

Repositioned the toolbar on the track properties page so that it would be easier for users to understand that the toolbar functions will work in the name field as well as the trackpoints list. Fixed issue where the wrong color was being used to fill in certain non-map areas at some zoom scales. garmin mapsource worldmap

Added Browse button for setting the default file location. Changed several feature symbols mountain peak, city, and airport to be smaller so they don't obscure as much harmin the map. Fixed time field on Tide dialog to display times according to Windows regional settings. Improved autoroute ETE accuracy.

Added the capability to display tide stations notes garmin mapsource worldmap a station has this data available in the map.

A user can filter by time, distance, or automatic in all situations and by maximum points on mapsourcd tracks only. Nuvi W Widescreen Navigator.

Garmin: MapSource Updates & Downloads

Fixed issue with 'find places' dialog field auto-completion in some Asian languages. Changes to garmin mapsource worldmap creating error reports more robust. Modified how waypoint names are created garmin mapsource worldmap map labels to work with internationalized map products. Made the waypoint, route, and track dialogs consistent in the way that they handle repositioning and zooming of the map window that occurs while the user is in the properties dialog.

Thanks this wolrdmap my first online shop.

Garmin Mapsource WorldMap (CD-ROM)

Added the ability to get properties from the finder dialog. Enforced rule of not allowing diacriticals and other invalid characters in MapSource.

Changed the Route Dialog so that it won't prevent name changes that differ by only case. Added 'Time' tab to Preferences dialog to allow user to choose the time garmin mapsource worldmap for displayed times.

Fixed loss of mixed-case characters when transferring routes to some USB devices. Modified file export dialog to automatically fill in the base name of the current gdb file as the default name for the exported file. Fixed issue where a user could not tab to the list of tide extremes in the garmin mapsource worldmap prediction window.

Added 'send mail' function to send an e-mail with the current document as an attachment. Removed real-time tracking from MapSource. Modified MapSource to not draw overlapping, adjacent garmin mapsource worldmap at all zoom scales. User Comments Average Customer Rating: Modified the process for transferring maps to a GPS device so that MapSource checks to ensure that it can successfully unlock all the maps being transferred on the destination GPS before starting the lengthy index-building step.

Fixed problem where garmin mapsource worldmap font dialog provided access to certain fonts that would not display map labels correctly.

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