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Just think how much time that will save before that big game, while you go crunch down some Cheesie-Poofs while the printing is being done for you! Hosted by LunarPages Quality Hosting. Support Several support methods are available for your use: You can change what icons are shown, as well as order them to your liking. Report any problems or suggestions to the Site Administrator.

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Normally, the Setup program determines this and prompts you with it, but especially if you have installed to more than one location, you need to be sure heavy metal pro use the right directory.

After you're somewhat familiar with heavy metal pro operation of HeavyMetal Pro, and assuming that your video is capable of displaying at least x resolution, you'll probably want to take a look at the Veteran and Elite versions of the main screen. All Data Files with Correct Factions All 'Mech and vehicle data files have been revised to have up to date faction usage. With HeavyMetal Vee, you will have available every official design published in all of the tech readout and record sheet books, which are constantly updated as more are published.


Only 1 Update Needed With any of the HeavyMetal programs, you only need heavh last update; you do not need any previous ones, in order to get all of the benefits of the new release. Be sure to check it out! We think you will heavy metal pro impressed! Take a look at all the features and screenshots at the link above. The latest update is HeavyMetal Map Heavy metal pro 1.

If you now heavy metal pro any incorrect faction information, please let me know, and James and I metall resolve it. You can unzip them into the mmetal directory structure used in HMPlus, or place them all in a single directory. HeavyMetal Pro allows you to enter the heavy metal pro and model number for any equipment on the 'Mech, including weapons. Left to right they are: Thanks to Johannes Heidler for providing data files for these seldom-seen designs.

Adding to the considerable number of data files included with the program, the latest files include tables from the new Total Warfare book as well as other sources.

HeavyMetal Software Program Updates

For more information on the differences and how to work with them, look at the Battle Value versus BV2 page. The Revised edition of Technical Readout added a new section of Lost Designs, early designs, some of which pre-date the Star League era, which can still occasionally be found. HeavyMetal Heavy metal pro helps you design all types of vehicles, including wheeled and tracked, hovercraft, VTOL, hydrofoil, submarine, surface ship, even tractors and trailers.

HMPro comes with a comprehensive database including this data for all items, and you can customize by adding, deleting and changing items to your heart's content.

From this tab, you can also enter all the standard "fluff" text, such as Heavy metal pro, Capabilities, Battle History, etc. The screen from which this is done is shown below to the left. The official web site for FanPro and WizKids' BattleTech is heavy metal pro huge collection of forums in addition to other information about our favorite hobby.

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The files are all zipped, in order heavy metal pro reduce file and download size, and help prevent corruption of the data. Vehicles All Vehicles of them listed below can now be downloaded in a single 0. HeavyMetal Forums The HeavyMetal forums are not only a fun heavy metal pro to meet and discuss BattleTech and other topics, but a great place to get tech support and other answers concerning the programs.

Things you may not have known Report any problems or suggestions to the Site Heavy metal pro. The designs published in Tech Readout: Here's a listing of some mehal that you may proo know about.

The following RUS data files can be added to your collection of data files. Flames, insults, and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Also, mteal that messages express the thoughts of the writers, not the heavy metal pro or its moderators. HeavyMetal Pro has been packaged for sale in out our New Slim DVD casea high-quality DVD case, which looks better, is much stronger, ships better and has more convenient room for the instructions insert, than standard CD jewel cases. But whether you heavy metal pro help or not, please stop by the forums; you won't be sorry!

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