Havok point of no return

It really doesn't make the EP stand out. In conclusion, it's just an EP providing a glimpse of Havok, but nothing incredibly special or riveting, just Havok being Havok. Nothing to not love about this zauceboss go to album. Amazing tech thrash album carson tate. On the contrary, "Cradle to the Grave" is pretty damn awesome.

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Since said covers are from well known thrash metal bands, they are totally predictable, with Ahvok being a thrash metal band themselves. I'm saying that not only is this EP too short in terms of havok point of no return songsbut it's also too pointless. If I want to hear "Arise," I'll listen to "Arise.

Nothing to not love about this zauceboss. A Bullet For My Palestine. Point Of No Return by Havok. Point Of No Return Featuring interviews with Neneh Cherry and Creole-influenced Dowdelin. It's just a thrash number, a little on returh lackadaisical side of the spectrum. I have a feeling that these songs would be better off as bonus tracks havok point of no return "Unnatural Selection", which would be released a year after this EP.

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Point of No Return Havok. They opt for something a bit short of the guttural, toneless mayhem typically associated with said style, and havok point of no return somewhere within the more primal, high pitched madness that typified the Teutonic bands that co-existed with Sepultura and Slayer during the mid to late 80s.

They just wouldn't put it on any of their releases. The other original song, "Cradle to the Grave," is a faster thrash attack featuring more awesome drum work, a sweet dark melodic solo, and some brief Slayer-like moments.

I wonder if there's going to be anything good here!

Havok – Point of No Return EP Review

What made Havok think that they had to release an EP with only half of it being something fresh and new? Amazing tech thrash album carson rerurn.

Nothing of an important caliber show itself though, and the lacking cleverness havok point of no return definitely present. It would be a truly impressive feat if Havok successfully covered a non-metal band and smothered the tune with their own unique tints of thrashing butchery, but that hagok does not represent the circumstances of "Point of No Return.

Point of No Return

I guess there's a good reason why this EP only cost me five bucks The main riff is acceptable, but the tune shines because of Pete Webber's gnawing percussion, and we even haavok to see the vocal skills of Havok point of no return Sanchez; turns out he can do more than ravenously shout into a microphone.

The original tunes sound like they could have easily fit on 's Time is Up.

If you like Point Of No Return, you may also like:. It's driving, energetic metal that doesn't try to reinvent the wheel.

The raging original tracks and the solid covers make this EP a worthy purchase for any established Havok fan. This review was written for: Bass Jesse de los Santos. Arise Sepultura cover But hey, if you want good fun, you'll find it here; Havok knows how to drop an assload of energy and havok point of no return at a moment's notice, so if you're looking for some headbanging mayhem, you'll find it. The track is a no-nonsense kick in the balls.

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Of course there are songs on here that Havok did themselves, and one of them is pretty good too. Lead guitar Reece Scruggs. They take up half of the EP and are otherwise generally oc, cos these covers sound almost exactly like the original versions. After two full-lengths and tons of touring, Havok has unleashed the Point of No Return EP to tide over fans until the next album drops.

Any thrash band can mirror and replicate a release like "Point of No Return" with little havok point of no return, and that's why I'll stick to "Time is Up" instead of this semi-useless EP.

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