Bginfo server 2008 r2

If left untouched it will automatically apply these settings and exit after its 10 second count-down timer expires. Opens a BGInfo configuration file. If specifying an XLS file the file must already exist. Selects the location on the screen at which to place the text. When using this option the history database is not updated.

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If so, combining it on one line should fix the problem. Run now from Sysinternals Live.

BgInfo v4.26

Limits the bitmap to colors. Post as a guest Name. On Terminal Services servers the bitmap should be placed in a location that is unique to each user. Bginfo server 2008 r2 not clear, but it looks from your posted batch file like you've got two lines in there.

How to run bginfo.exe at startup on Windows Server 2008 R2

If some items are very long for example some network card names you can use the Limit Lines to item to wrap them. Changes to the configuration are automatically saved back to the file when OK or Apply is pressed.

The Multiple Monitor Configuration button allows you to specify how multiple monitors attached to a single bginfo server 2008 r2 should be handled. If you prefer to have Bginfo server 2008 r2 update the database without modifying the user's wallpaper you can unselect all desktops in the Desktops dialog; BGInfo will still update the database.

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Bginfo server 2008 r2 the Logon Desktop for Console users option specifies that the wallpaper should be displayed on the logon desktop that is presented before anyone has logged onto the system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! If you want BGInfo to edit or use a configuration stored in a file instead of the default configuration which is stored in the bginfo server 2008 r2 specify the name of the file on the command line:. If you have questions or problems, please visit the Sysinternals BgInfo Forum. Creates a bit or bit color bitmap.

BgInfo - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs

Enabling the Logon Srever bginfo server 2008 r2 Terminal Services users option specifies that the wallpaper should be displayed on the Terminal Services login screen. Displays the background as it will appear when applied to your system. All formatting information and colors are included. In fact, it appears to run twice. Windows Vista and higher.

Sign up using Facebook. Selecting any button or menu item will disable the timer, allowing you to customize the layout and content of the background information. Allows you to insert a bitmap image into the output. Download BgInfo ] KB. Is that mangled wrapping or is that actually two lines in bginfo server 2008 r2 batch file? You can edit any field as well as the font and background colors, and can place it in your startup folder so that it runs every boot, or even configure it to display as the background for the logon screen.

IT That Should Just Work: Use BGInfo with Server R2

Feel free to accept bginfo server 2008 r2 answer after I convert my comment into a proper answer. Specifying seconds or longer disables the timer altogether. The information is formatted exactly as it would if displayed on the desktop, but resides in a fitted window instead.

Specifying zero will update the display without displaying the configuration dialog. Because the bitmap generated by BGInfo is not updated when a user changes the display's color depth you may see unexpected results especially dithering of the text and background with some combinations of bitmap and bginfo server 2008 r2 depth.

Saves a copy of bgnfo current BGInfo configuration to a new file. If you select the Copy existing settings option then BGInfo will use whatever information is currently selected by the logged on user.

Selects bginfo server 2008 r2 location on the screen at which to place the text.

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