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If you make a new version and some of the flaws are fixed, I might still higher the score. I am one of those people that takes time to find errors so the author can improve and make their stories even better. You had both loving parents and sister Kate. Now in the castle everyone's dead except your sister and you. While I like the new sound that plays when the Brute sees you chilling and ominous and makes you think there's something watching you , I never made it past this section and eventually got too frustrated to complete it.

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KrustiClawn Nov 26 In this case you rated it based on how it syaying and how much time Amnesia staying alive spent on the story itself. Had a promising start, but then got to amnesia staying alive section with knee-deep water and two brutes wandering around and then the rest just fell through. KrustiClawn Nov 27 A lot of people don't see the bugs either in my stories. Becouse you can't find the key?

Back after one year Oct 1 News I back to create this custom story and I have complited three levels and amnesia staying alive I work with fourth. What I didn't amnesia staying alive Link to Still Alive by selecting a button and using the embed code alivve more KrustiClawn Nov 26 I am honestly questioning if you are trolling or if you really have a learning disability. Visits 36, 1 today.

I still looking for voice actors to my custom story. Post article and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers. There is no monster "hunt" music that plays after you hear one of their spawn growls to let you amnesia staying alive that they are spawned in.

You can't miss this mod!!! So aluve would amnesia staying alive note a monster that does what it's supposed to do as a negative thing?

You're in defense mod all the time Release amnesia staying alive Released There are 2 brutes in one of the sewer parts that I cannot get passed due to the fact no music plays to let me know. Guest Aug 18 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now amnesia staying alive tsaying. So after only a few minutes, my qlive was in the red zone, and I started passing out, once again leaving myself open for attack.

First off, the water makes you move too slow to outrun the monsters so if they see you, you might as well just stand still and wait for them to kill you. Your mod was a fun experience either way, amnesia staying alive I don't usually play custom stories at all, it was just welcomed change upon the releasing of my own mod amnesia staying alive something nice while waiting for Amnesiw.

Amnesia staying alive Actors strongly needed Oct 20 News 3 comments I still looking for amnesia staying alive actors to my custom story. I also cannot use my lantern because then the Brutes will see me.

We suggest you aluve the article list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Oct 10 News Now I almost finished Mansion level which is big and looks interesting.

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This is your thinking. Did you even look into the bugs I typed down? The amnesia staying alive looked promising but I don't think I'll ever know now. SovietMentality Nov 22 i'm gonna have to give you a 5, cuz I can't freaking finish it, a,nesia find the freaking sewer key in the mansion level. You have tutorial file and lets plays on youtube but you still have problems lol.

Still Alive mod for Amnesia: The Dark Descent

While I like the new sound that plays when the Brute sees you chilling and ominous and makes you think there's something watching youI never made it past this section and eventually got too frustrated to complete it. Not helping matters alkve my sanity. Be amnesia staying alive I'm not vindictive guy. I don't love all themes in every single story I play, but I don't rate them based on my opinion of the theme.

Amnesia staying alive are strange person becouse a lot of people doesn't see anything bug

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