Counter strike 1.6 servers de snipe it5

But, VAC valve anti cheat isnt so that good. When a mod becomes so popular that it outshines the game it was modded off of and spawns 2 sequels, you know it is an excellent mod. The 'real cs', where you plant bombs etc. Battle Ground is a Counter Strike server!

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I've been around mroe than the block for gaming and this game seriously is the worst I've played. Even with protection the problem is cheating wall-hacking and that kind of nasty things.

Source is nowhere near as good as 1.


Capture the Flag cs-lords. Counter-Strike launched the serves frenzy into online multiplayer FPS - no other FPS had as many players at once, and at the time, this was the 1 most played online game.

The sfrvers is well known for leagues and lanning! The game is an okay FPS game for ppl wh wants some action but it is old and cheating is getting even worse than when i started in beta.

The reason I gave it a nine is because steam and some server administrators neglect the "cheaters". Thankfully the game is easy enough to mod, sometimes just by novelty maps so that part gets a thumbs up.

Trademarks are the property of their respective owners, all sites and servers counter strike 1.6 servers de snipe it5 added by users. CS is still and will continue to be the best game i have ever played to date. While remaining some degree of realism to the average player, a real look at the mechanics of the game reveals many unrealistic points which can be exploited by better players.

But what happens passes is snpe there are to some servers that appear and have a great ping, and is too much. Want the competitive edge cult classic feel that cs used to have?

This game has led counter strike 1.6 servers de snipe it5 a brief stint in running our own events, making new friends and finding people playing this game in my own town and even road! That may you can have the fun of the game w.

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Freaking on a game is not good for your social counter strike 1.6 servers de snipe it5. Nowadays there are lots of better games available, with much more realistic graphics, gameplay, and whatever you can imagine.

I understand that people like it i play'd it 5 years but now i don't like it anymore. This game introduced me to online gaming and it has left so many good memories.

Counter-Strike Server with 28 slots. COM Admine for free. We're not just saying that as a marketing there's nothing to sell here.

Counter-Strike 1.6 server list. Map: de_snipe_it5.

Interesting game that trys at a recreating modern realistic SWAT team like gun action. Believe me, don't give up! This game stands the test of time. I guarantee it will never be forgotten. I would suggest playing some Team Fortress Classic. If that doesn't say something then I don't know what does.

Un server nou deschis! Tired of laggy servers? It keeps it original simplicity with some additional servesr features. However, counter strike 1.6 servers de snipe it5 an admin on our server, we are constantly banning cheaters. Absolutely terrible gameplay, very monotonous. Best Multiplayer game of all time nothing comes close to this, the more you play this game the more hooked you become it is fun at all levels of ability.

Counter-Strike is the epitome of falling from grace and becoming an outright failure.

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