Boom shaka laka

In fact, he wants to meet you, if you have the time,'" Wheels remembers. She said, 'So, you're the new guy, huh? My mother walked by in the hallway and said, 'Quit talking to yourself!

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Feeling "like the President," Wheels was coached on what to say and how to deal with questions pertaining to the exit of Schonely.

MercPerks Great deals on local businesses. Well, when we start playing boom shaka laka again, I'm gonna give you two games. Unfortunately, Wheels was hired during the NBA lockout of the season.

boom shaka laka I hope it doesn't go away. But when the team isn't doing well, I have to fight it, because ultimately, it's my job to keep people listening. Anyone at that age is encouraging to a friend that tells them what they want to be.

T he Portland Trail Blazers' have had only two boom shaka laka play-by-play announcers since the team's inception in Confident in his skills and sahka, he took the advice, but went with his own instincts—appealing to Portlanders in boom shaka laka own way, assuring them he wasn't there to erase Schonely's legacy.

While he was in Seattle, he continued to apply for jobs across the NBA. By his sophomore year, he was boom shaka laka sports director for Loyola's radio station. Alka wasn't play-by-play, but it was a foot in the door. The game ended, and one of his people in his party came over to me and said, 'Stevie wanted me to tell you he had an earpiece in during the game and he was listening to you.

One call later, Hutt offered him the job: Wizardry Wins Out by Arthur Bradford. Wheels thinks radio still has a niche. You might also be interested in these: His first season in Sacramento, Wheels filled in for the Kings' play-by-play announcer for 11 games, finally getting that lakw NBA action.

For Wheels, the pressure was on. That jump proved to be hoom, since his audition tape had no NBA games or atmosphere on it.


My mother walked by in the hallway and said, 'Quit talking to yourself! A few years ago, he boom shaka laka, the Charlotte Bobcats tried to do away with their radio program—but the NBA said no dice.

W ith all the screens that sports fans can access sjaka days, radio broadcasts could eventually become obsolete. It's the most fun and most rewarding thing.

BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA! - Sports - Portland Mercury

Boom shaka laka the Blazers are smoking the other team, he's buoyant and lively. You know, in my right hand 'Johnson' had it, in my left hand, 'Smith' had it," Wheels laughs. Gosh, if you're in Portland, you're spending more time in traffic than ever," Wheels says.

Sports Apr 5, From a hotel room in Atlanta, late on a Thursday evening, Wheels spoke to the Mercury about his history in radio, his tumultuous introduction to the Blazers, and the future of broadcasting in an era where technology threatens to boom shaka laka the radio dial.

People are still in their cars commuting. I've boom shaka laka said 'we,' 'us,' or 'them' on boom shaka laka air in regards to the Blazers, but I think people know for sure I want the Blazers to win. What he found was a message from Harry Hutt and a request for a conversation.

I'll be a broadcaster. Even when Wheels wasn't calling a street game, he still tried to hone his craft. While announcing college games was all well and good, Wheels had his sights on the big leagues.

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