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The Mandolin plays eighth note phrases with triplets added at times. PopRockBasic focuses on the quarter notes in the A substyle using the kick drum and hihat. Can you ever have enough Smooth or Fusion Jazz?

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Shiny Vocals Oohs and Aahs! Joe Robinson is such a skilled guitar player, and we are incredibly fortunate to capture his performances for RealTracks set !

realttacks Next we have an acoustic guitar playing the "Old World 2 Beat" style; the horn section playing in this style can be selected as a RealTrack with all three instruments at once or you can select the baritone horn, trumpet, or clarinet to play as a single instrument track. These smooth background Bossa RealTracks help set realtrackx mood for a sophisticated evening. With each new RealTracks set, you're provided with ever more expanding tools to learn, compose, and band in a box realtracks

The tempo range starts at a slow ballad but increases all the way up to a fast tempo. RealTracks Set gives you more opportunities to give your composition that extra flair!

You can also send us your questions via email. There are many different reaaltracks available too: Add these seven RealTracks to your library today!

It has both even and swing feels, along with upbeat tempos throughout each of the RealTracks. This set features a lush background strings pad, electric guitar jazz comping with Oliver Gannon, Mike Rojas playing piano, and Jim McGillevray and Alex Acuna on the percussion.

Here Ron plays an impressive swing jazz ballad with a classic acoustic bass tone. Crooner Bossa Big Band!

Gary offers melodic sensibility, well-placed accents, and seamless phrasing band in a box realtracks his baritone. All of these RealTracks in this set have notation available in the notation window. With a unique sound, the RealTracks in set are versatile and ready to be played along with.

PG Music - Band-in-a-Box for Windows - RealTracks Sets

If you want to create some traditional Celtic music and you need your own personal rhythm section, look no further than RealTracks Set Pick up RealTracks Set band in a box realtracks RealTracks are not "samples" Two basses are present, one with slapping and one without. The Viola is lower in the register than a Violin so it has a warmer tone when compared with a Violin. The guitar can also be viewed in TAB or on the on-screen fretboard.

Over 2, hours of studio musicians recordings! The bass styles have a pronounced yet bouncy attack and a sensibly minimal amount of embellishment. You get 4 Instruments in total in this RealTrack set with 7 variations.

RealTracks Set adds an amazing collection of electric bass Funk RealTracks from the amazing Alex Al to your collection, ready to lay down the realtraxks in your next song! The first two realrracks are Boom Chick styles; one an even 16 style, the other a slow swing 16 style. The second one is a Celtic Waltz even medium band in a box realtracks style.

Each of the RealTracks are in common time and will work well with any RealTracks Sets you already have. The next guitar is a shining resonator guitar that plays an even feel blues based on 8th note phrases. These RealTracks will sooth your soul! Add instant cool to your blues-rock progressions with this collection of sax soloists. With RealTracks Set RealTracks Set features the solo-accompaniment piano styles of John Jarvis.

With a wide variety of tempos and grooves, you'll spend hours mixing and matching band in a box realtracks styles, which include bwnd killer acoustic guitar style performed by Brent Mason, a band in a box realtracks piano soloist performed by Nashville legend John Jarvis, and 3 Mandolin styles by bnd wizard Andy Leftwich.

The first RealTrack Jon Herrington plays is a Jazz Rock even 16 soloist style, at a medium-slow tempo with some gain added to the tone; the second RealTrack is more up tempo.

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