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July Learn how and when to remove this template message. June Release Release Date: Fixed a standing tooltip which used a male possessive pronoun for female agents. On May 6, at their yearly Fanfest convention, CCP announced the move from the current development cycle of two expansions per year, to ten expansions per year on a rapid release cycle of six weeks per expansion.

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EVE Online heads into the abyss with its August update today

Pirate Forward Operating Base Improvements Tuesday, December 5, Changes to Pirate Forward operating bases with the Arms Race release will see capsuleers take on an elevated threat, eve online latest patch more FOBs spawning after this release that are easier to find and engage with.

Beyond charted space lies Abyssal Deadspace, the hazardous domain of a radically advanced civilization, The Triglavian Collective. The item interaction contextual eve online latest patch and the jump shortcut will now also work for jump bridges. Two clone states Alpha and Omega were created with Alpha clones being able to play for free while Omega clones would use the same subscription model as before. Main features of Exodus were the introduction of alliances between corporations and the ability for said alliances to claim ownership of a lawless 0.

Pilots of all abilities and levels are welcome and encouraged to assist, from the newest alpha pilots to the most seasoned Omegas. These changes aim to preserver the unique role that interceptors play as scouts and tacklers, while introducing more significant trade-offs for the powerful mechanic that is nullification.

Force Auxiliary Balance Pass Saturday, December 1, Based eve online latest patch community feedback and requests for a deeper look into the current effectiveness of these hulls, a eve online latest patch pass is coming to Force Auxiliaries that aims to tweak both their remote and local repair abilities.

The show info window for destroyed and unanchored Upwell structures now displays that it is out of commission.

Because there have been many graphics engine optimizations and extensive refactoring to optimize for future improvements, eve online latest patch may be unintended or unexpected bugs not found in testing. The dock option now appears in the radial menu of a structures sensor overlay entry, regardless of your docking access.

EVE Online heads into the abyss with its August update today | Massively Overpowered

This could lead to ships loaded without skills, and ships not dying correctly in high load situations. Based on community feedback, the Damavik will see some slot layout changes eve online latest patch this release that aim to make eve online latest patch a llatest versatile frigate.

Trinity was the third of the "Kali" expansions. With this change, we'll be offering a bit client that will make better use of available system resources on the machines of our pilots, and bring EVE Online up to modern standards.

The Guardian's Gala will also feature new challenges in The Agency, with a new line of rewards to grab that include modules, accelerators and fireworks. New nebulae graphics, an improved UI, time dilation and gameplay balancing were latext in the expansion.

Fixed various issues eve online latest patch the corporation hangars window would close latset. On September 29,the Northern War came to a close AstrahusFortizar and Keepstar Added special Palatine Keepstar Alterations of structure assault mechanics - dev blog Added asset safety Added access lists for citadel control Added Force Auxiliaries: Eve Online Video game expansion packs.

This includes overhauls of several operations, as well as a better experience using the industry window, making New Eden a much better place for new pilots.

Eve online latest patch Release Release Date: New Introduction Video Thursday, April 6, As part of the ongoing project to improve the new player experience and give a more meaningful journey through character creation, a new cinematic video has arrived to brief capsuleers on the trials and tribulations eve online latest patch forging their own legacy in New Eden.

This release will see significant changes to the operation of Upwell structures with the aim of making sizable quality of life improvements. This winter, capsuleers will benefit from a new activity tracker that will monitor and display their achievements in New Eden, along with providing context for their character's development and progress.

Players are able to take advantage of deposits of minerals and other raw materials found on the planets of EVE. The patch addresses a wide variety of bugs eve online latest patch unintended behaviors. A full list of patch notes can be found here. Imperial fighter NPC will now display firing effects.

Welcome to EVE Updates

Player created chat channels will now always show all members in the member list, with no member limit. The Quantum Rise expansion included features such as a ptch certificate system that allows verification of a player's proficiency in certain defined eve online latest patch onlne skills by other players [22] and a medal system for awards by corporations.

In this release, capsuleers will benefit from improved performance in scenes where many lasers are being fired at once. Incursion also includes many improvements as suggested by the CSMas well as eve online latest patch upgrades, software improvements and new cluster components aimed at increasing game performance.

Nullification Changes Eve online latest patch, October 9, With the October release, capsuleers will benefit from changes to interdiction nullification that will see the effect removed from combat interceptors the Claw, Crusader, Raptor and Taranis. In addition to this, the engine trail effect was reintroduced.

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