Gta san andreas mission list

Also there's a trick you can do with the people in the back of the Ambulance. If the scare-meter starts to rise, just back up. Badlands Catalina's missions in random order: Roll through your weapons to find the remote and detonate from a safe distance. Save 10 Persons Level

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Break into Area 69 and steal the black project. Once the time is starting to get close to daylight, gta san andreas mission list by close I mean within 10 seconds, exit the house you were in, deposit the stuff in the truck, missipn get in the van and start heading to the lock up. Jack the pickup full of cardboard boxes and drive it to the spot. Beyond that, this part mission be a piece of cake.


Time to meet your new friend, The Truth. There are more Vagos behind the house so be ,ist to shoot them. Prevent the Ballas from reaching Grove Street.

Rewards Upon completion of Level 12 your health bar will lost increased to it's maximum, resulting in your health raising by double or more.

On the final stretch, after the bar, there will be guys gta san andreas mission list shotguns patrolling. Wear Flowers In Your Hair: Start a gang-war and take over Glen Park.

You have to gfa your way through the mansion. Running Dog Life's a Beach. Miwsion punch it a few times and it will break. Sweet's Girl Home Invasion. Tactics Now like all "Sub-Missions" I suggest you do the Firefighter Missions gta san andreas mission list soon as possible, as the rewards you earn for completing them will help greatly in the story or just gameplay in general, however if you wish to wait about 20 or so missions, the Firefighter Missions can be done in Angel Pine, the small town right next to Mount Chiliad.

Steal a Hydra jet from the S. Stay on the parallel track until just before the tunnel when an on-coming train passes and when you have to take the dan road.

List of missions in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Take out the SWAT members on the chopper then blast it with whatever gun you have. Tower and buy it. Flight School Learning to Fly.

Not all are required to complete the storyline of the game; the Zero and Casino Heist strands are optional. Mike is trapped in a shipment van which has gotten hijacked those drug-dealers sure are careless with their shipments.

These missions are activated in Angel Pine where Tenpenny and co. Getting anxreas new haircut, buying new clothes or re-spraying the car removes the wanted gta san andreas mission list.

Missions in GTA San Andreas - Grand Theft Wiki, the GTA wiki

Save 8 Persons Level If you're on the HPV police bike you can gta san andreas mission list chase after it and fire shots into the back until it blows, then kill the criminals if they bail, if not, you'll need to get alongside and either try to use your car to spin them out of control, or drive by them sideways.

Management Issues Burning Desire. Introduction Another of the andreaz missions which is actually useful in the game is the ability to rob peoples homes. If your wanted level is two or more gta san andreas mission list, then you should head to a safe-house or a save point. Whittaker in Flint Range.

Because you have a timer, always go for the bike which is closest. The huge array of vehicles available which can do this mission makes it a walk in the park, but they are also extremely fun.

Get on the bike and get on the freeway. Always remember to pull in your landing gear when taking off. Protagonist Carl Johnson returns to his hometown of Los Santos and needs to gha himself in his former neighborhood.

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